Lorenzo Tenti


I’m Lorenzo. I live in London, I grew up in Italy. I’m a big data engineer / programmer / computational scientist / tech geek.

Big Data

I’m a big data engineer with experience in both data analytics and engineering. My main area of interest is the design and development of big data solutions, either in the cloud or in the Hadoop ecosystem.

PhD in Theoretical and Computational Chemistry

During my PhD I have been involved in the development of new computational methods for quantum chemistry. I have extensively used mathematical and computational tools, either commercial HPC software or newly developed in my group. I have learned to proficiently use the Linux environment (Bash) and Python as a scripting language and tasks automation tool, together with Fortran for number crunching and scientific programming.

Here is a list of my publications.

Some tech skills

  • Programming: Scala, Spark, Python, SQL, Java, Bash Shell Scripting, Fortran, MATLAB/Octave (Basic knowledge of HTML, JavaScript).
  • Systems: Unix/Linux, Android, Windows.
  • Hadoop: Installation and security using Kerberos, Knox and Ranger.
  • Tools: Hive, HBase, Pig, Sqoop, Oozie.
  • Cloud: Amazon Web Services.
  • Typography: LaTeX.
  • Other tools: Ansible, Maven, SBT. Version control, continuous integration and continuous deployment with git and GitHub, GitLab, BitBucket.


  • Hortonworks HDP Certified Administrator.
  • AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate.


You can find me on LinkedIn or just drop me an email.